Creating An Awesome Country style Bedroom With a memorial Feeling

Country style bedrooms gives you a feeling of a far away time where everything was simple & pure, also this bedroom style became very popular these days due to their informality, simplicity & leaning towards handy crafted materials. If you have a rustic bedroom it is better to choose a show piece bed & then match it with eclectic pieces of furniture also you can add printed wall paper behind your bed to show it as a master piece to your room. Traditional brass bed is an important ingredient of the country style room, also four poster beds with or without canopies can add a great impact to this room.

Furnishing this kind of room can be from different wooden material like pine furniture mixed with cream & white bedding will give you the country style feeling & more airy atmosphere, having furniture made from cherry, walnut & cedar wood that have retained their original look & smell will help to feel the country style. Try to layer your bed with feather pillows & handmade blankets that ensure comfort to your bed with matched beside tables to it.

Painting walls with plain & simple light colors will be preferable but also you can choose wall paper with small simple patterns if you are having a spacing room but for modern country style rooms you can choose a bold floral patterns. Having mirrors, shutters & small pieces of furniture can help in stretching small spacing rooms, light color furniture is recommended too. Flooring can be from wooden panels to add a rustic country style with its different colors & tones as well having small or large patterned rugs & carpets for a cozy warmer feeling but tiled floors can match modern style rooms with small rugs on it.

Lightning is so important for country style room specially the natural light that gives the country feeling so curtains can be from white sheers to allow more light to your room & you can add patterned drapes on its two side for more privacy on closing them, artificial light can be added with wall lights & table lamps that will suit this style. Accessories play an essential role for adding details to this room by having old perfume bottles, silver photo frames, flowers in vase & candle stands as well.