Creative Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

The vanity is one of the key parts of your bathroom, as it usually includes a storage space, as ink, a faucet, and a mirror. When you search for a new vanity, you should take into consideration the size, style, and decor of your bathroom, the number of your family members, and your lifestyle. This article will show you different options to the bathroom vanities to find out what will exactly blend with your own bathroom.

If you have a large number of family members and a small bathroom, the back-to-back floating vanities will let two persons use bathroom together and save a floor space to be an additional storage area.Such vanities have wall-mounted sinks and suitable sized countertop in addition to the storage cabinets below. You can install a freestanding cabinet above the floating vanity to extend the storage space without cluttering your bathroom.

The vanity dressing table will give your modern bathroom a functional and luxurious look with its sleek colors and materials. The table has drawers for your cosmetics and small items in addition to cabinets for the larger items.

Such a vanity dressing table can be large enough to accommodate a whole wall with a large mirror that complete the wall to the ceiling. Such a vanity will certainly provide you the needed storage area giving your bathroom a spacious and inviting look. If this vanity is high and you have little children, you can incorporate a pullout stool to the lower part of your vanity.

Your traditional kitchen will look perfect with an old-fashioned wainscot console vanity with a marble countertop and steel pipes and faucets. You may prefer the traditional looking mosaic tiles for your bathroom countertop and backsplash with a suitable colored vanity. This way, you will give your bathroom a creative and inspiring look.