Creative Ceiling Lights and Architectural Designs for your Modern Home

Adding unique architectural designs and glowing colorful lights to your ceiling will enhance greatly the décor of every room giving your home a special feel. There are different hidden ceiling lights that will add mystery, impressive, or funny look to the place according to the function and theme of the room.

The glowing ceiling becomes an essential feature of the modern home. The new technology allows you to use flexible hidden LEDand polyurethane foam lighting fixtures with circular, square, or rectangular shapes to give the room an interesting feel.

You can add a special foil layer to protect your ceiling architectural designs and improve the dispersion of light if there is a gap between your ceiling and lights. The colorful chandelier at the middle of your lights may enhance your ceiling lights creating an imaginative look at the dark.

Your modern ceiling can still be decorated by wooden beams and gypsum moldings or boards with different colors and decorative shapes. You can be creative in selecting such decorative shapes to create harmony in the room. For example, your kids’ room will look fantastic with a star or clouds shape to let your children find their dream world in their room. Your bedroom will need the architectural designs that will increase the intimacy and let you relax with your love ones. For example, you can choose tender shapes such as two hearts or small circles to resemble the moon.

Even when you choose to decorate your ceiling with the wooden beams, try to give it a modern look to give the place a unified look. You can create fantastic shapes using wooden panels and paint them the same color of the room and enhance the look with white or colorful lights in a creative way.