Creative Headboard Bookcases – Shelves

Your bed’s multi-functional headboard can add a charming look to the whole bedroom by its creative designs and colors, beside its original function. When you install a large or small bookcase to this headboard in a creative way, it will have more functionality and charm. You will certainly find a bookcase with the color and design that will go well with your bedroom.

The headboards that have bookcases can be used as extra storage space for your books and important items. On one of the lower shelves, the bookcase should have holes for the power cord, the wires of the radio, and night lamps. It will be a great idea if you can find a space for your glass, coffee mug, or your favorite poetry or novel to read before sleeping. You can store your beddings at the bottom shelf and use it as a backrest. The upper shelves may store your books and can serve as a showcase to display your expensive personal items.

The headboard bookcase may be found in the form of cabinets and open shelves. It can be installed to your bed or screwed into the wall, but you will need to ensure that it is installed firmly to the wall, and that it hasn’t extra loads. If your bookcase has open shelves design, try to find shelves with cute angles made of wood chip boards covered with polished veneering.  You can find shelves made of solid oak, cherry, and maple, finished with neutral ebony.

Headboard bookcases are very useful in your kid’s bedroom, because they will help your kid to be an organized person. You will need just to let him arrange his books daily. You can customize a bookcase for your kid, teenager, or girl. That’s because these headboards come in different sizes such as the full, king, queen, and twin. The door of your bookcase may be made of Plexi-glass to keep dust away and get a marvelous look. This door can display your antiques and accessories in a creative way.

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