6 Creative Ideas for Decorating Your Vanity

Every woman has a vanity in which she takes much pride. It is no wonder that a vanity is mostly the focal point in a woman’s bedroom. A piece this important has to be decorated carefully to show how much taking care of your looks means to you. Here is some creative Ideas to decorate vanities.

1- Give your vanity a stunning glamorous touch with some silver. Replace your old mirror with another antique mirror with a stunning carved silver frame. To enhance the look use a silver hand mirror and a brush set. Add a lovely silver vase and silver candelabra.

2- Lighting is not just used for making places bright; it can also be a fabulous mirror decoration. Place a mini lamp on your vanity top. The design you choose is the key element, so choose a design that complements your vanity and bedroom design. Even string lights can be used to make your vanity look gorgeous, and they are even available in shapes of hearts, flowers, fairy lights etc.

3- A vanity seat is an integral part of your vanity. You do not have to stick with the seat in your vanity set, and if you have already bought it, then you could do many things to give it lovely new look.

5- I always picture vanities having flower vases above them. Different flowers accentuate different types of décor but you could choose whatever type of flowers you love. Make sure to water them regularly and replace them when they wilt.

6- Vanity trays are also used to decorate your vanity. They are available in limitless stunning designs and will help protect your vanity surface from makeup and cosmetics’ stains.

Making a vanity beautiful is every woman’s idea of saying: “this is my effect”, so make sure to reflect your own understanding of beauty on your vanity.