Creative Ideas to Decorate a Modern Asian Bedroom

The soft Asian fabrics and tranquil atmosphere are perfect for bedrooms as they will create a relaxing and comfortable space. Decorating such a room should be simple and sleek with minimum furniture and plenty of natural air and light. Here are a few ideas to help you decorate your modern Asian bedroom in a creative way.

Decorating your modern Asian bedroom will depend mainly on the rich colors such as earth tones with calming green and soft gold or taupe touches. The use of natural expensive and little furniture such as the black bamboo dresser, desk, and headboard in a large Asian bedroom will help the room look relaxing and uncluttered. Such natural furniture should be enhanced with real natural elements such as a bonsai tree in the outdoor garden under the window or small tropical trees around the room.
To give your bedroom a relaxing and Asian authentic look, you can cover the window with dark teakwood shutters or bamboo blinds. Such a window will give you the needed privacy when you are sleeping, but you will need to fill the room with the daylight during the morning. The decorative white or colorful paper Chinese lanterns will give you the soft lighting that you need for a romantic ambience into the room.

As a focal point, your clear-lined bed can be low platform styled to give the place an Asian look.You can replace the headboards with arice paper screen to give the place a simple Asian look.The soft silk beddings are popular in the Asian bedrooms; especially if you have silk window covering or wallpaper in the room. The look of your bed will be completed with a few Asian printed pillows accented with different colors such as gold, brown, and black

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