Creative Ideas for a Windowless Living Room Decoration

The window of your living room is not only the source of natural light and air but also the real life of the room. However, you can use different tricks to give the room an open feel and make for the lack of window. This article will provide you a few tricks and you will use your imagination and the available space to create new ideas.

Your windowless living room may look dark and unattractive without using the right decorating system. That is why you should paint the room light colors and install an effective lighting system to different parts of the room. The white and pale blue colors will be perfect for the traditional windowless living room and the different degrees of off-white and yellow will match the modern room. The hidden lights will trick the eye of having a natural source of light, but it is actually an artificial light.

An effective trick in your windowless living room room is to install a framed mirror at the wall facing the main door of the room. The French door will be a creative choice for such a room, as it will give the place a spacious look and a new dimension.

You can install an internal window between the living room and the next room, especially if the latter room has a large source of natural light. If you can use glass or frosted glass furniture and accessories, you will greatly open up the look of your living room.

There are different ways to trick the eye of having a window in your windowless living room. For example, you can install wallpaper or wall murals with an outdoor view on your living room walls and ceiling or even a wall curtain to add a new dimension to the room.