Creative Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Ideas and Considerations by Katheryn W Cowles

Your bathroom remodel needs excellent materials, designs, and professionals in addition to the right decisions from the first moment to create fabulous and high-functional spaces. This article will help you take such right decisions and save your money.

When you intend to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, the first decision to take is the professional who will handle the work. If you have the perfect DIY skills, you can handle the project and consult a professional whenever you need a help. However, Katheryn Cowles think that such a remodeling project needs years of experience to find the suitable components and flooring and install them without mistakes.

Thus, it would be better to hire a professional from the start and save your money. Moreover, the professional will help you interpret your vision and guide you to the perfect choices starting from the plumbing to the colors and furnishings.

If you are able to remodel your kitchen or bathroom yourself, you should install the components safely and adjust their height according to your needs. For example, the standard workspace height as well as doorway can be at the range of 33″ and the kitchen triangle should be less than 26′ to reduce your steps while cooking. It is important to leave a suitable space to open the cabinets and appliances freely without interfering with one another and to install non-slip floor and ventilation systems for the cooking surfaces.

Creating a focal point for your remodeled kitchen and bathroom will display your personality and provide the place a unique identity. In your kitchen, Katheryn recommends the backsplashes, hood, or bold colored accent wall as focal point options, while the floating vanity and sink is the perfect bathroom focal point. This way, you will consider the safety, aesthetic look, function, and efficiency of your remodeled kitchen.