4 Creative Kitchen Office Design Ideas

With increasing number of people working from home, the idea of home kitchen office begins to emerge; especially in the small apartments. The modern kitchen designs enable you to receive your guests and cancel the dining room, and now such designs will enable you to manage your career inside your kitchen.

Transforming your kitchen to a living space becomes an increasing idea in the small spaced homes. You can transform your kitchen space using a modular kitchen that can be concealed or covered with a steel panel. Even when you are working in your office, you can easily prepare a healthy fast food and go back to work.

The multifunctional pieces of furniture will be another creative solution for your kitchen office. For example, the mono office kitchen is a conference table that includes a dishwasher, a sink, a coffee maker, and kitchen utensils. This creative piece of furniture can be used in your company’s office or even in your home office if you usually receive your customers there.

The kitchen office should include several storage spaces to store your kitchen appliances and utensils in addition to your business documents and files. That’s because the place you are working on needs to be extremely organized and uncluttered. As for the desktop, you can use it as a workspace and dining surface if it has an inviting look.

Moreover, your kitchen office will need more power sources in case you need to work and one of your family members need to cook at the same time. You can install an overhead lighting fixture for the general lighting purposes in addition to the task lights above the functional areas in the kitchen and office. You can hide your office equipment in a closet to let your guests spend an enjoying time in the kitchen without noticing its extra function.