Creative Living Room Interior Design

Set your imagination loose and allow your creative side to flourish when applying living room interior design. Creativity is needed with living room interior designs because living rooms are where guests get an impression about the unique taste of the home owner. Going mainstream in design might be okay but it will not be a vivid representation of your personality.

Getting creative with living room interior design might be intriguing but hold your horses a bit; there are a few rules of thumb to follow to get a wonderful design:


A creative idea without planning cannot be precisely applicable. The primary source of inspiration is the living room itself because only with the living room’s shape and measurements can you determine the size and amount of furniture that you need. Then use a design inspiration board to post your measurements, your drawings of design ideas, color palate, magazine clippings and fabrics. Creativity requires flexibility and openness to try new things, so don’t restrict yourself with the board and just use it for help.


Shopping is a fun stage in the creative living room interior design. You can get your hands on valuable yet affordable items such as a distinctive ceiling fan with attached light in yard sales, thrift shops or even at a relative’s home that can have a unique effect on the living room interior design. You don’t have to take them as they are, you can revamp them using fabric, paint, decorative paper and off course your creative touch. Since the creative design would be worthless, choose durable furniture and rugs to last long.

Applying Creativity:

Simple touches such as painting the walls and coordinating lighting can have significant effects on the living room interior design. If your creativity is accompanied with skill, you can use extra fabrics to make unique throw pillows and clay to make a couple of sculptures. Finally, make sure that all your creative elements match to your taste and enjoy your updated living room.

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Pics Via : tazatek