Creative and Luxurious Entry and Hallway Design Ideas by Sandra Oster Interiors

Both of the entryway and hallway provide your visitors an impression about your personality, lifestyle, and preferences. That’s why you should brows different entryway online designs with your expected guests’ eyes and define the perfect design for your home. Sandra Oster and her team will help you define the perfect materials, design plans, and decorative elements for such entry and hallway.

If you don’t have an outdoor garden, your visitors will form their first impression from the entrance door or gate. There are metal, wooden, and even glass entrance doors with simple, geometric, or complicated shapes to express what is inside your home. In all cases, you should create a simple pathway to the entrance door, a certain type of greenery at the two sides of such a door, and a bold statement lighting system to provide your home a luxurious look.

To create an inviting, pleasing, and comforting look in your entryway, you can just place a glossy black console table with a crystal or colored glass vase, glass shelves holding your precious collections in your modern space or a patterned bench in your traditional entryway.

In her modern entryway designs, Sandra Oster and her team love to use coffered ceiling, custom carpets, artworks and sculptures, and custom millwork to provide the visitors a positive impression. The well-placed spotlights, chandeliers, and scones along with the natural light will display your artworks in an artistic or stylish way.

In your small space apartment or home with marvelous outdoor views, the entryway and hallway should turn to a seating area with a functional focal point and luxurious rugs. If you can install floor-to-ceiling windows or even 3D paintings for natural views, you will certainly spend peaceful times in your entryway with your family members and visitors.