Interior Design 4

Creative Small Dining Room Furniture

Having an elegant and uncluttered small dining room is a great challenge. You will need only some imagination and creative ideas to come up with the best way of designing and furnishing your small dining room. Here are few ideas about your dining furniture items that could help you in this respect.

Your furniture needs to be simple and straight forward. Try to opt for the simple and small furniture items to take less space in your small dining room. This means that you may use slim and armless chairs that could be folded and stored in a hidden space. Dining table could be triangle to fit the unused corner or it may be extended tall table to fit a large number of guests and then folded to take small space or it could be a table with pedestal or stand instead of legs to leave space in the floor.

The transparent furniture such as acrylic, glass, and plexi-glass along with some mirrors and recessed overhead sparkling light is a creative way to make allusion of large space in the room. To give your small dining room an elegant modern look, you may use furniture with geometric patterns and colors that have straight lines. All shapes of dining tables can fit this design and work as space saving. The round table, for example, could be useful because it takes a large number of people during limited parties or gatherings of family’s relatives.

To give your small dining room a more spacious look, try to use a creatively ornamented box or basket to store your belongings and clutters. A buffet cabinet can collect all of your appliances and stuff to leave your room clean and well arranged. It would be better if you could place few natural and durable plants with simple curtain and simple decoration to give elegance to your small dining room.