Creative Themes for Your Modern Bathroom Tiles

Your modern bathroom needs to be relaxing, stylish, and functional to be a perfect extension to you stylish modern home. That is why you should select the theme of the place carefully according to the size of your bathroom and your preferences. Here, you will find different themes and colors for the wall and floor tiles to apply the suitable option in your own modern bathroom.

The green bathroom tiles will be the perfect choice for a tropical forest or a natural theme. You can use different shades of green with pops of white and natural plants to give yourself the utmost feel of relaxation and comfort every time you enter the place. If you need to create systematic patterns in the place, you can use the tiles to create horizontal strips or even use mosaic tiles with two shades of green.

The ocean theme in your modern bathroom will certainly need blue and white wall and floor tiles. The dark shades of these colors will create serenity and calm feel, while the light blue will refresh the place. The rich blue large tiles will be perfect in your large bathroom,as you will feel you are spending dreamy minutes under water.

The brown and grey colored bathroom tiles will creative choices for the earth theme, as they will represent the natural stones and wood. If your bathroom wall and floor tiles have the same color and design, you will get a seamless and an overflowing look.

The 3D bathroom floor and wall tiles will give your modern bathroom a breathtaking look. These tiles come with different colors and designs to match your bathroom theme. For example, you can enhance a beach or sea themed bathroom with 3D floor tiles with realistic prints to water and fish in addition to the golden sand.