Creative Tips to Maximize the Look of Your Small Space

Are you ready to change the arrangement of your home in return of a comfortable and spacious look and feel? If so, you will need to change your color technique, furniture arrangement, and lighting system. If you need more information, you are recommended to read the full article and apply the ideas that will work best with your home design.

To begin your project, try to define the function of every room and the necessary furniture pieces with suitable sizes, and the rest of items in the room should be stored or moved to another place. You can establish several zones in the multifunctional rooms such as your kitchen and living room to create an arranged look.

The storage spaces incorporated into your functional pieces of furniture such as drawers or baskets under your bed or a cabinet under the table will be perfect choices in your small space. You can purchase certain dividers, cubbies and organizers to your existing cabinets and drawers according to the items you intend to store. Try to make use of the small and hidden spaces to organize your clutter and create a clean look in your small home.

You can add a fifth dimension tocertain rooms in your home designing a light colored tray ceiling above your bed or dining table. This ceiling can be the focal point of the room to let you reduce the accessories; thus, reduce the clutter in the room. The mirrors and glasses will create a reflection and bounce the light in different corners of your home. The design of your window coverings shouldn’t cut off the light when they are open and should give you the needed level of privacy when they are closed. If you have shortage of windows, you can use semi-opaque materials instead of certain parts of your wall to let the light inter the room.

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