Creative Tips to Make the Most of a Small Space

Nowadays, many apartments tend to be smaller than before and this make people feel that it is hard to make this small space looks beautiful as the large ones. But in fact, you can make your small space look elegant and attractive if you decorate it in the right way. And in order to make your task much easier, we will go through some tips that you should follow to make the most of your small space.

• Re-consider the available space you have before buying anything. The small space you have can’t accommodate all the items you desire to have, so you should consider buying only the essential items.

• Always consider buying multifunctional pieces of furniture such as an ottoman that can be used as a coffee table and that has storage inside it, an occasional seat for the living area, an additional seat for the dining table.

• Be creative and go for other storing options rather than the built-ins storage. You can fit wide rollaway drawer under your bed frame to make use of this unused space. Consider buying seats with hidden storage. Instead of buying an end table, look for a slim chest of drawers that provides storage space.

• Creating an illusion of bigger space is a critical point in decorating small spaces and you can achieve this illusion by many means.

a) Don’t over occupy the space with interior elements so as not to create a visual clutter. And don’t overuse color.
b) Open up your space. Don’t use dividers or screens as they will minimize your space.
c) Blur elements that signal outlines or space limitations like walls, corners, and edges by lightening them up. Instead of choosing general overhead lighting, choose accent lighting as they create a play of light and shadow that create depth.
d) Hang a large mirror on the walls to add depth.

• Choose transparent pieces such as glass top dining table, chairs with open backrest, and buffet cabinet with glass doors.
• Incorporate plants in the décor as they help in cleaning your indoor way.
• Give your space a character by decorating it with items that express your personality. For instance, if you love reading, decorate your shelves and your coffee tables with your books.
• Make a combination of surface materials. There are natural materials that can go well with wood like coco shell, crushed bamboo, buri, rattan, and abaca.