Creative Ways to Decorate a Blank White Wall

The blank wall in a functional room such as your kitchen or living room is a great chance to let you display your favorite items and show your personality before your visitors. Such decorative items will look marvelous and unique if the background is light or a white color.

There are different ways to decorate a blank white wall according to the style and function of the room. The framed mirror and picture is a modern and traditional option alike, but the way of using them will differ. For example, the modern wall will need a simple portrait with two or three parts adjusted above a large furniture piece like the bed or sofa.

Contrarily, the traditional framed picture will need an antique look with a golden or bronze frame. The framed mirror will be suitable in a bedroom, a dining room, or a bathroom.

If you are eager to refresh the look and feel of a formal room like your dining room, living room, or even a kitchen, the hanging vertical garden will be a perfect choice. This small garden will need just suitable sized containers and a careful interest until the green plants grow up and refresh your space. If you have traditional formal rooms, you can decorate them with antique china displayed on the wall. You can even display your artistic talents on the white blank wall to personalize the room.

The multi-functional parts of your home, especially your kitchen and bathroom, will need functional wall hangings to give the place a clean and inviting look. For example, the walls of your kitchen should include well-organized cabinets and large appliances, while the wall of your bathroom will have chrome framed mirror, a sink with vanity and cabinet, and a toilet with a seat.