Creative Ways to Hide the Eyesores and Holes on Your Walls

You will certainly hate to see the bare cables and wires around your home and will be embarrassed from your guests when they see such views in your home. That is why you should hide these ugly spots using decorative pieces to give your home an aesthetic look.

Installing a wall mural or wallpaper to the wall that has eyesores or holes will be a perfect option if the cables and wires are inside the wall. However, if they are at the surface of your wall, you can use vine clips with creative shapes to create an artistic look. If you have a real artistic talent, you will be able to turn the wires into impressive hair and the pipelines into tree branches. You can hide the unused cables using a piece of furniture the closet in a bedroom or a bookcase in a living room.

Try to create special runners for the wires at the backside of your furniture or you can find alternative places for your cables and wires such as the cardboard box or an empty toilet paper roll that hasspecial holes at the backside for the wires.

These solutions will keep a clean and organized look in the place. If the eyesores are already in a small part of the upper part of your wall, you can simply use a piece of art or a framed picture to hide the defect. At the lower part,you can install a piece of wood with decorative details or even a small floor mat.

The 3D wall stickers that will blend with the theme of your home will certainly hide any unpleasant spot on your walls giving the place an attractive look. You will need just to be creative when using such options to keep the aesthetic look of your home.

Pics Via : diyncrafts