Creative Ways to Give a New Life to Your Old Furniture

Not all of the old furniture pieces can give your home an antique and inviting look. The distressed furniture pieces will distort the look of your home, especially if the rest of your furniture pieces are modern. This article will provide you a few ideas to enhance the look of such furniture pieces to help you find the best way to revive your old furniture.

The most popular way to revive your furniture pieces is to paint them a new color. To achieve this process yourself, you should clean the piece of furniture using a sponge and a toothbrush for the decorative details and sand the piece to get a soft and clean surface from inside and outside. Then, you can paint the surface white or black base and the original color that will blend with the rest of your furniture pieces.

Having artistic talents, you will be able to give your old furniture pieces a new life drawing unique and creative shapes with inspiring colors. You can even increase the functional value of the piece painting the items stored in each drawer or cabinet to keep your items accessible.

Even if you haven’t artistic talents, you can use ready-made decorative shapes and print them using a thin brush and inviting colors on the doors or the top of the piece of furniture. At least, you can cover your piece of furniture with wallpaper that matches the theme of the room.

While changing the look of your furniture piece, you can change its function according to your needs. For example, the old coffee table can be upholstered using modern fabrics and turned to a bed bench or an ottoman.You can develop these ideas on your way to give your home a modern, yet personal and unique look.

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