Creative Ways to Choose the Color and accessories of Your Walls Inspired from the Projects of D for Design

The right color for your walls is not only what you like but also what will match the key furniture pieces, the mood you need to create, the outdoor look, and the lighting techniques you will use. In this article, you will find professional and creative ways to help you choose the suitable wall colors and accessories for your own home.

If you already have pieces of furniture in your home, the suitable wall color can be a neutral color or a darker degree of the large piece’s color. For example, Donna Puzifera and her team use cream colored-walls to go with the brown and off-white furniture pieces and furnishings in addition to green plants in Corona del Mar to create harmony with the outdoor views. In Jasmine2, the team members use a lighter wall shade to contrast the dark grey furniture and create a bright and airy look in the place.

The last step in your home décor is to choose wall accessories, which can be a collection from different locations, personal medals, or acrylic or Plexiglas framed pictures to your family members.

You will just use a focal point wall to display your art in the level of your guests’ eyes and combine the colors and textures of the room using such accessories. For example, the fireplace wall is a perfect focal point, as you can install a large painting with your favorite accessories above the mantel.

If you need to display several items, the white or black bookcase or cabinet with glass doors will be an ideal option. To create a sense of harmony in the place, try to use paintings with the same theme or for the same artist.