Creative Ways to Create Your Favorite Style in a Living Room Cynthia Bennett Association

Are you looking for ideal ways to decorate your living room? This will depend on the theme you prefer, the number of your family members, and your personalities. Here are a few ways inspired from Cynthia Bennett projects in Los Angeles.

In your living room, you should choose the theme that will combine your family members together, go with the rest of your home, and fit the available space and your budget. In San Marino, Cynthia Bennett and her interior design team try to keep the main features of Spanish style in the place using exposed wood ceiling beams, dark wood furniture, stucco-like paint, wrought iron accents, natural stone countertops, roman shades, traditional patterned accent tiles, natural colored decorative elements with a rustic appeal, and antique-style wall scones.

If your family members are fascinated with technology, it will be a great idea to design a smart living room. To create this theme, you will need sleek and glossy surfaces with automated devices like the products of Cynthia Bennett Association. Using such a theme, you can turn your living room to a home theater and spend enjoying times with your family members.

If you admire the elegant and artistic look and your family members prefer the modern decorations, the transitional Georgian or modern Victorian d├ęcor ideas will be perfect options. In Toluca Lake, Cynthia Bennett and her team decorate the living room using bold colors like red with Georgian moldings, white ceiling, and brown and cream accents to create a balanced look in the place.

The team members create another seating area at the garden of the same house to combine the natural elements with the modern fabrics and colors. You can even bring the natural elements inside your living room just like Pasadena Dutch Treat.