Creative Ways to Decorate a Small Traditional Beach Theme Home with Chango & Co

Are you looking for creative options for an airy and fresh home décor? The beach theme can be your best choice, as you will choose fresh colors such as blue and white, plenty of natural light, and natural materials such as wood and pebbles. Let’s study the designs and remodels of Chango & Co and find out their ways to create such an airy look.

Using flowing colors is a fascinating way to provide your home a fresh beach look. For example, you can use sandy hues in addition to white and blue colors will provide your home a breezy look just like the East Hampton beach house remodeled by Susana Simonpietri. If the place has large windows, you can enhance the sunny look using yellow and blue accents with a white background and small furniture pieces.

Personalizing your beach theme home will remind you with such enjoying times with your friends or family members and let you show your talents. For example, you can inspire your ideas from the Boerum Hill Brownstone hanging a collection of family framed photos and displaying colorful accessories in the living or dining space to enhance the personal look of the place.

The natural materials such as walnut floor and bamboo furniture create a harmony and balance in your beach themed traditional home providing the place a warm touch. In Plandome Dutch Colonial, the team members of Chango& Co use bamboo and hardwood tables, elegant candleholders, framed mirrors, and real shells in the place along with fresh colors such as blue, orange, and green to create a balanced look.

If you love a certain color, orange for example, you can paint the walls warm orange and accentuate the place will natural colors such as white, brown, and green.