Creative Ways to Reuse Your Old Screen Door

The screen door is an aluminum or wooden door that covers your exterior door. You may decide to replace such a functional door because it becomes too old or because you have a better alternative. In both cases, you can reuse the door to serve as a functional or decorative piece into your home.

After you decide exactly the expected purpose of your old screen door, you should provide it a coat of paint accordingly. The white color will work with several interior decorations, but you can paint the door the same color of the room.

For example, you can paint the door a matching color to your living room and install chicken wire to display your family pictures or favorite artwork.Such a decorative way will let you create a clean and uncluttered look in the room.

In your kids’ bedroom, you can reuse the old screen door as a jewelry and hair accessories’ organizerif you have girls or an organizer to the school objects. The decorative old screen door can further serve as a baby’s changing station. You will need just to install durable shelves to store your baby’s clothes and personal belongings in addition to the suitable sized upholstered shelf that will hold your lovely baby.

Apart from such decorative usages, you can enhance the look of your old screen door and reuse it as a functional piece. For example, it can serve as a pantry or wardrobe door, a porch divider, or a space divider into your home. If you have more time, you can reshape the look and function of your old door to create a storage box or a laundry hamper. You can refresh your large kitchen installing an indoor garden made of your old screen door.

Pics Via : hometalk