Interior Design 4

Curtain Accessories Designs – Different Shapes

The curtain accessories will give your home a cool and neat look in addition to their original function. These accessories are too small but can enhance the theme of your room in a delicate and subtle way. Try to read more about these pieces to be able to select the right pieces for your curtain.

The curtain poles are placed above the window to support your curtain. The rods are used for hanging the curtain using a few rings, hooks, or tabs. These poles come in different materials such as wood, metal, and steel to blend with your home style and decor.At the end of the curtain pole, the finals are designed to stop the curtain from going out of its track. These finals come in different decorative shapes and materials. The eyelet curtains need thin poles to be able to penetrate into its eyes.

The tiebacks are important decorative and functional accessories for your tall curtains. It gives your curtain a classic pretty look that will give your room a formal feel and will gather your curtain to let the natural light and air fill every corner of the room. In addition, the tiebacks will enable you see the external environment such as the fresh sea or wonderful mounts. You can get different shapes and sizes of these tiebacks to go with the design of your home. The ring tiebacks are designed to control the movement of your curtain. These tiebacks can be made of iron, metal, or stainless steel according to the color and style of the room.

The curtain hooks are used as a connection between the poles and curtains. They come in different shapes such as rings, two-prongs, four-prongs, pins, or S-shape. You can use small accessories such as ribbons, bracelets, and beaded necklaces to serve as curtain hooks to decorate the room and hold your curtain.