Curtain Design Elements – Color and Fabric

The color, fabric, length of your curtain, and your personal taste are the most important elements that should be considered when you select one for any room in your home. This curtain can set the mood of every room whether it is romantic, warm, whimsical, stylish, or airy. This article will give you the outlines that you should consider when purchasing a new curtain.

The color of your curtain should depend on the colors and style of the room. The style will decide if you will choose a curtain with a matching or contrasted color. The traditional styled room will need a matching colored curtain and the modern styled room will look vibrant and dynamic using contrasting colored curtain that can be considered a focal point. The printed, stripped, or patterned curtain will enhance the theme of the room giving you a unified look.

The fabrics of your curtains will depend on several internal and external considerations such as the needed light and air, the fabrics used in the room, and the level of privacy you need. The cotton and twill fabrics will give a relaxed and cozy feel to your bedroom and kitchen while the velvet and silk are able to give your living room and dining room a formal and luxurious look. The sheer and transparent curtains will let more light and air enters the room but provide you a poor level of privacy while the roman and bamboo shades will do the opposite.

The length of your curtain will be decided according to the size and style of your room. The small sized room will need a floor to ceiling curtain to help it seem larger and spacious. On the other hand, your bathroom and kitchen are recommended to have short curtains such as café curtains to avoid any mildew or molds out of the water and dampness. You can use several fabrics such as the layered curtain to use the heavy fabrics to block the light and the light fabrics to let the natural light and air fill the place.

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