Curtain Design Ideas

The right choice of curtain design will help you out to create an inviting environment. Explore your creative side with the following innovative ideas for curtain design .

Firstly, you have to consider that the type of your window plays a vital role when choosing your curtain design. Likewise, you should take a look at your window and see, is it rectangular? Is it a large bay window? Consider the amount of light streaming into your room that you want.

Remember, accessories are a good addition to curtains as they play an important role in the overall presentation of the curtains. If you want to achieve the pinnacle of elegance, go for proper accessories.

Accessories for curtains can include hardware pieces such as hooks, tiebacks and split rings. These pieces can enhance curtains design. For instance, without tie backs on curtains you can’t enjoy sunshine as pull the curtain pieces back to allow light into the space.

Curtain rod and tracks are essential for hanging up curtains securely.Curtain rods and tracks come in varying lengths, shapes and sizes to fit the diversified spaces.

Let the sunlight streaming in your home, with sheer curtains or drapes or blinds, you will naturally enjoy bright and flourish look for your room. In the mornings the blinds could be rolled up and the sheer curtains would allow for a slightly colored light to stream in.

For more pleasant impact, utilize lace fabric or fabric with embroidery on sheer curtains, these pieces are very functional besides aesthetics. If you have a big French window in the living room, it would be a good idea to use layered curtains. If you desire a traditional look, then try to use drapes and valances together.

Likewise, if you have large French windows, the best idea for that is using heavy silk drapes with grand valances in the same color tone or a contrasting shade.

You can softly combine traditional look with modern look by getting the sheer curtains in the center caressed by the opaque drapes at the side.

You can get inspiration from the following pictures about curtain designs.