Curtain Design Tips – How to Make a Perfect Focal Point

Windows and its treatments often go overlooked when homeowners look for a focal point to build around other decorations. It’s typical for a focal point to be a fireplace or a TV but when you think of a window for a focal point, that’s when creativity and originality have a moment! Fact is that windows are the only source of natural light within our houses and that light has a huge impact on interior design.

When it comes to selecting a curtain, you have to articulate your priorities. For instance, do you want to install that curtain for privacy and light-control? Or is it a mere decorative piece? Is it for both purposes? How much sunlight you want to let in the room? These questions should be answered in advance to get a successful choice.

Curtains designs basically differ in each room. For instance, colorful prints or several panels with multiple colors are highly recommended in modern rooms and children’s bedrooms. Full length curtains that go all the way from ceiling to floor are ideal for living and dining room. It enhances the height of your room and lends it a vibrant balanced look. Also asymmetrical valances are ideal for hallway windows.

If you need a curtain that covers only the window area while saving the rest of wall space to other decorations, then consider the retro café curtain. Best thing about those curtains is that they could be easily closed to restore privacy and opened to let the maximum amount of sunlight in.

Beaded curtains are another subtle option. Although they don’t offer privacy but the beads of colorful crystals that twinkle in the window could add magnificent beauty to your room. You should then surround them with panel curtains which could be closed over the beads to solve the problem mentioned earlier.

For more softness and warmth, consider a valance over sheers or a flowing panel curtain that is topped with a complementing swag. Both also cover just the window area and they allow for abundance of light. You could pair the laced swag with a roman shade that could easily shut out the world and beautifully complete the traditional look.

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