Cute Beds for Kids’ Small Rooms

Bunk beds are the first type we will be talking about. Bunk beds is the best options for kids’ small rooms if you have twins, they save place as they use the vertical space of the room. They are two levels beds where the lower bunk extends beyond the upper side of the top bunk. Some parents don’t like theses bed as they think they aren’t safe enough.
You don’t have to worry anymore, nowadays theses beds come with more stable ladders or cube shaped climbing blocks that ensure you kid’s safety. Some of these beds come with storage places which will be perfect if you don’t have enough storage places in your kid’s room.

Fold beds are your second option; they are more like built in beds as they flat up against the wall when you don’t use them, it’s like you don’t even have a bed. These beds will give your kids enough space to play around; they are perfect in kids’ small rooms. But before you choose this bed, you need to know that it’s not cheap and it’s very necessary to have a very solid wall in the room to attach this bed to.

Loft beds are more like the bunk beds in the design and they serve the same needs in small kids rooms. Like bunk beds, most parents worry from the loft beds. That is why I will tell about some tips to consider when you buy these beds. You need to check the spacing between the bunk’s guard rail and the mattress.

The mattress should be thick and wide enough to cover all the gaps beneath it. The bed should have enough guard on the sides and on both sides of the ladder as well, so your kids feel safer when they find something to hold on to. If you won’t need the down bed you can use its space to put a desk unit.

The last type I will tell you about are the trundle beds, these beds look as if they are only one, they consist of two levels connected to each other without ladders. All what you do is pulling the down level and you have another bed. You can use the down level as a storage place if you don’t have twins. Enjoy your journey in the little tiny magical world and choose the most comfy and safe bed for your little angel small room.