3 Decor Issues You Think They Are Problems When They Are Not

When decorating a new place you are starting a new adventure with many risky choices. You face many difficulties and suddenly you become this hard to please decor critique who finds flaws in every corner. Even worse, you will have unsatisfied audience asking you why you did this or that. We will tell you about some of the things you might think are problems when they are not.

1- Neglecting area rug is one of those tricky issues. You might feel like every floor inside a house MUST be covered with a rug (some even think this applies to bathrooms and kitchens). However, what is so wrong about leaving a floor as it is especially when it is made of some gorgeous material? Some hardwood or natural stone tiled floorings look fabulous as they are so leave them be.

2- Are mirrored walls that bad? Does a wall with more than one mirror label you a narcissist? God No! Mirrors help brighten up spaces and make them feel bigger. They will reflect light and help save electricity. Even when you do not have small space problems they look good and they can be used for decorating many corners in any house.

3- You love that upholstered sofa but you want that modern coffee table as well? So what is wrong about it? It is okay to mix different styles and different décor trends (to a certain extent). Some of the most popular decor styles use different elements from different decor styles like women’s favorite modern-traditional decor , and the gorgeous trendy eclectic decor .

Do not let general thinking and posted or printed opinions limit you when choosing a decor for your place. Try different pieces and different arrangements and make sure that you – before anyone else – love the furniture you choose.