Decorate Your Timeless Bedroom on Budget with the Guidelines of Marisa Lupo and Luisa Maringola

The successful bedroom decor depends on your personality and previous experiences in addition to the location of the room. You should choose such decorative elements carefully, as they will finish the overall look of the walls and create your desired mood in the place.

To decorate your lovely bedroom on budget, you should use upholstered furniture with timeless fabrics and colors. Accordingly, Marisa Lupo and Luisa Maringola of Lumar Interiors use tufted beds, benches, and sofas with slightly patterned pillows and clean lined furniture in several bedroom designs to keep the space trendy for long years. You can still keep the walls and furniture neutral refreshing the space with nice light blue bedding and window treatments like such a lovely teenager bedroom.

The feminine or masculine decorative features, slight animal prints, and leather covered chairs with a modern touch are the most inexpensive ways to decorate your bedroom and add a personal look to the place.

For example, Marisa uses a white waterfall skirt chair with blue velvet covered furniture to create a feminine look in such an inviting traditional bedroom. In the Greater Toronto area, Lumar team members use modern plain grey wallpaper to accentuate the accent wall behind the bed providing the place a clean and inviting look.

The oversized pieces of art or portraits above the headboard will add a color and personality to your bedroom. In an Aurora bedroom, Lumar Interiors team members decorate the place with a simple framed portrait with two paralleled mirrors at the sides of the bed to reflect the facing natural light and draw the eye outdoors. Contrarily, the team members depend on the warm colors of the walls and architectural details to provide the place a decorative look with retreat effect.