Decorating a living room with a fire place

If you live in a cold area and have a fire place in your living room, then decorating your living room could be a tough task. Given below are some tips that can help you to decorate your living room with a fireplace. The simple way is to rearrange your living room furniture around the fire place so that the fire place becomes the focal point of the room.

Adding a round coffee table in the center of your living room is a fantastic idea. What could you do if you have an ugly fireplace? Simply, try to look for an alternative. The following tips will help you.

If your fireplace doesn’t work at all, then it is a big problem as you can’t make it the focal point of the room. In this case you can buy candelabras that are made specifically to fit in a fireplace. To spice up your living room, add a mirror above the fire place.

Likewise, you can place a piece of art above your fire place but consider adding track lighting to the ceiling so the artwork really stands out. Adding a fresh coat of paint to your ugly fire place can turn it into a bewitching one.

If you decide to use your fire place, then you should add a firewood holder next to your fireplace. To enhance the fireplace in an effective way, consider building a fireplace surround. You can use the fire place surround as a shelf to keep decorative items, books or DVDs.

Keep in mind that the fire place surround should be durable in order to hold the items that you keep above it. If you are searching for more suggestions about decorating a living room with a fire place, look at the images below.

Pics Via : poshouse