Decorating your Antique Victorian Master Bedroom

Decorating your Victorian master bedroom in the right way will give your home an antique feminine feel that will increase your appreciation of yourself. Your bed can be the focal point of the room because it is the main item that will reflect the style of your bedroom. Here are some steps to let you decorate your dream Victorian bedroom.

Your Victorian master bed can be made of dark wood, cast iron, or brass in an oriental curved style with a canopy. The beddings should contribute in enhancing the style of the room. You can use throw pillows, opulent trims, flounces, and ribbons in dark colors such as navy, burgundy, or hunter green colors.

The rest of your master bedroom furniture should match your bed such as the curved furniture made of dark wood such as mahogany, rosewood, and walnut with marble-topped night stand and different kinds of tables. You can opt for the cabinet wicker, faux-bamboo, round, or skirted tables to contribute in the antique look of your Victorian master bedroom. Your chest of drawers is supposed to be made of dark stained oak and to come with a mirror or marble top and candle stand.

The decoration of your Victorian master bedroom should reflect your own personality. You can hang natural themed murals on the wall and an oval ornate picture frame with stained or golden wood. Other Victorian ideas of decoration may be through the hanged mirrors, lamp shades, and fresh flowers in a period styled vase.

The floor of your Victorian master bedroom can be covered by a machine loomed, straw-like, hooked, or patterned richly colored area rug near your bed and small rugs scattered into the room. Try to use tall curtains with drapes made of rich textures such as velvet with tie backs and lace sheers.