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Things to Consider when Decorating Your Kid’s Haven

While most of kids’ time is spent in their bedrooms, every color you choose, every piece of furniture you place in that room are going to influence their character and well-being. We have to take into account the kid’s age, personality, preferences as well as the available budget when decorating a kid’s room. For instance, make sure that the combination of colors you choose for the walls, floors and furniture promote relaxation and security. Therefore, stay away from vibrant and dark colors such as bright reds and yellows or blacks and browns. The most convenient colors for kids are known to be the pastels of any color.

Camouflage beddings are going to be your smartest investment, for they are suitable for both genders and their colors are flexible enough to befit the kids’ evolving preferences. Choose models with hidden zippers that enable the covers to be easily cleaned. Also, try to place some small-sized furniture in the room; it would be incredibly delightful for the kid to have a place where they don’t feel relatively small.

Speaking of furniture pieces, their quality depends on the material used. The most durable material for kid’s furniture is solid wood. Oak, pine, and ash are also known for their affordability and great look. If you are on a budget, you can get high-quality sets at discounted prices by shopping online. Make sure the pieces you pick are secure and well-built enough, because kids play boldly, so don’t purchase pieces with sharp edges.

As kids need the floor space for playing, and their room is usually the smallest in the house, here are some tips. Keep their room well-organized by purchasing multi-functional furniture pieces, like loft beds that include desks, or bunk beds with stairs which have drawers and shelves at the bottom. Those shelves are great in storing toys, books, and out-of-season clothes, thus avoiding clutter. Triple wardrobes are also great for space-saving; they offer large drawers, open shelves, and places to hang clothes all in one piece. Transformable furniture such as futon beds is a brilliant choice. They are foldable and therefore can be used as a couch and as a twin bed, and they will be absolutely adored by your kids.

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