Interior Design 4

Decorating a Primitive Kitchen

Fascinating your friends and family members with a delicious meal is a matter that can not be complete without a well designed kitchen . The kitchen ambiances and design influence by a great way the mood of the person that is using the kitchen and can do wonders in inspiring that person to prepare wonderful meals that please everybody . A primitive design for your kitchen can easily achieve that result and surround you , your family members and guests when they come over with warm welcoming feelings that allow them to enjoy the company and the meal .

The combination of warm colors like mustard yellow , sage green and earthy brown or tan hues in the wall paintings and decorative objects along with natural scenes wall painting preferably if it is hand painted antique .

The fast rate of this world make enjoying a hint of the simpler times where the world was a much quieter place and going on a slower peaceful and uncomplicated pace , inviting the beauty of times gone by in the middle of your contemporary house create a magical impact on you and on whoever enter your kitchen .

Combine modern kitchen appliances and equipments to tie together the past and the present in order to make use of the simplicity of the past and the modernity of the present , display antique furniture pieces in your kitchen like drawers , cabinets and chairs that you might be having from your forefathers , accessorize with gingham with matching colors cafe curtains and bold colors and patterns rugs to enhance the primitive look .

Select your kitchen cabinets with natural wood colors hues not painted to make an earthy feeling which effectively create warm ambiances , add some window box flowers in order to enhance a natural feel and make your kitchen smell of the beautiful fragrant that is sent from the flowers.

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