Decorating You Small Bathroom Intelligently

If it happen to be that you don’t have the benefit of a big bathrooms which is the case for most home owners , most bathroom are designed to be very small , the space specified for bathrooms mainly is planed enough to just serve its purpose which become a real challenge while redesigning your bathroom , if you follow the bellow tips it will be easy for you make use of all the space while having you favorite items , you can actually make your bathroom look way larger by following some tricky ways.

Use mirrors to make your small bathroom look larger , most home owners only use a little mirror on top of their sink , instead you can use mirrors as you bathroom wall art work, install different shapes of mirrors on different parts of the walls to reflect light and make the space look larger , install big mirror against one wall with overhead lights , attach mirrors near by the bathroom window in order to reflect a good amount of natural light which will make the room look bigger ,

Lighting the room properly will make the room look way larger than it is if you have a good source of natural light make a very good use of it the more light you let in the room the better the result you achieve is , install one main bright light on the ceiling , overhead lights on each mirror, corner lights in each corner of the room , lights in bots . all these ideas make a huge different and will successfully make the room look bigger than it is .

Make sure to have glass doors for the shower area instead of using the typical plastic bathroom curtains which almost cut the room in half and minimize the space , shower glass doors will help make the room look like its an opened space .

Make sure to specify a smart place for each an every item in your bathroom . toilet papers , towels soap and decorative objects , cluttering each item in different place in the bathroom will make it look small and not tidy and organized , install wall shelves to store towels and they can be used to hold the decorative items such as candles or dried flowers without taking much space.

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