Decorating Small Bedrooms – 7 Fresh Ideas to a More Spacious Bedroom

Decorating a small bedroom can be a challenge, but by using the true tone of color, smart lighting and simple-yet-smart storage solutions, you can meet the challenge and turn your run-of-the- mill bedroom into the much coveted one.

Every inch count : Very small bedrooms demand very small furniture. Wave goodbye to that cumbersome bed and instead try the small one. Consider installing a built-in dresser. Use shelves Instead of tables, it will provide extra space.

Don’t over stuff : Keep it simple. If everything is cluttered, you’ll spend hours trying to find things, and it will make your bedroom looks narrower and messy.

Bright color paint : Make your bedroom feel more spacious by using pale color palette such as ivory or pink, on walls, curtains, furnishing and bedding. Consider making a contrast by injecting a touch of warm colors.

Light it up : Make your room feel more spacious by using lighting smartly. Don’t use floor lamps; instead use overhead light to make more room. Try to create more calming atmosphere by using soft light.

Mirror : Using mirrors will add depth and dimension to a small bedroom because of their unique ability to act like additional windows.

Storage : You have to be creative since you have so little room. One of the simple-yet-smart storage ideas is under bed storage to take advantage of every inch.

Curtains : Even if you don’t need curtains to keep out light, they can make your bedroom fell more spacious. An old trick to do that is by installing the rod close to the ceiling and hang long curtains down to the floor.

Having a small room is no longer a challenge with these fresh ideas, it’s rather a chance to be more creative and be yourself.