Decorating Tips for a Small Living Room

The living room is an entry point to the house and it reflects our personality. In the living room you can catch up with your old friends. Indeed the living room is the most important room in any home so you should transform it into an aesthetic oasis. Here are top 9 decorating tips for a small living room:

1- If your living room is not big enough, then you should do some tricks in order to make your living room seem larger. One of these tricks is colors of a room. You should paint your living room with bright colors such as creamy, white, blue, purple or green. These colors will make your living room appear bigger than it really is.

2- Keep in mind that color of the ceiling should be lighter in shade than walls.

3- Another good trick to create space in your small living room is to remove items that you don’t use after that your living room will be clutter- free.

4- Likewise, arranging stuff in a neat way is necessary in your small living room to keep it out of sight.

5- To enhance the overall look of your small living room, then you should paint your furniture items with colors that blend well with your walls colors.

6- Lighting can also make a great effect in your small living room so you should keep the windows of your living room open most of the time to let the natural light in.

7- In order to create an extra space in your small living room, then try to get large pieces of furniture.

8- Mirrors have a great impression in any room especially in small rooms as mirrors assist in creating illusion of space.

9- If you placed a rail of chairs along the wall, you will feel that your small sized living room became larger.

You can get inspiration from the following pictures about top 9 decorating tips for a small living room.