5 Decoration False Facts That People Think Are True

Decorating places is people’s way of printing these places with their personalities. How people like some types of personalities and hate others is similar to how they like some decor styles and ideas, and hate others. This makes people sometimes say that there are things you should do or never do just because they like or dislike them, and this is what we are going to see in this article.

1- Some say this false fact: “never use shades and drapes in the same room”. Before you stress yourself with thinking about that, it is better to consider the perfect window treatment for each window. Try using similar materials or accents for your shades and drapes and you will be wowed with the result.

2- Sticking to classics is a mistake, or so goes this false fact. Classic designs were called so because they were loved by many for a long time. Trends, however, come and go. Do not be worried about people calling you old fashioned just because you do not change your furniture and wall paint every couple of months.

3- Using different types of wood in the same space is a mistake. Why should people settle for one type of beauty when they could have all sorts of beauty in one place? IT is okay to have oak and pine pieces of furniture in the same room or even in the same piece. Some of the most gorgeous rustic rooms use this mixing technique.

4- Another false fact says: DO NOT use more than one mirror in one place. Mirrors in one design look stunning. Mirrors of different designs in one place look even more stunning. Besides, they will make your place look brighter and bigger.

5- “You are not using an area rug? Your floor could’ve looked much better with it”. This is another false fact (Those people are mostly envious about your gorgeous flooring). Some floors look ultimately elegant that they do not need any more decorations or area rugs.

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