Decorative Stones for a Beautiful Home

Have you ever thought about throwing away the carpets and changing your bedroom floor? For example wanting to use a floor covering that looks well over the time and healthy for me and my family. Stone floors and travertine is a great idea, as they are easy to clean, age well, changeable so your tiles will be unique, and also are cheap.

Travertine tiles have beautiful tones that look very good with everything in a room and it adds warm and elegant atmosphere to the room. Cold may cause a problem as the tiles give a cold feel but it can be solved by installing under floor heating. And also add some rugs as tiles are hard to walk on. Cleaning the tiles is very easy just vacuum gently then damp mopping is all it takes. Also to protect it sealing and grouting will need to be redone.

If your room is big go for big tiles this will lead to increasing the hygiene and decreasing the grouting. Using stones for sensual massage sounds crazy but it’s known that they have a lot of physiological benefits that is great with love-making. But it must be used correctly. For choosing the tiles focus on what do you want to install in your house. There are a lot of options to choose from which is great.

The most demanded stone tiles in the whole world are marble tiles as it provides style and elegance to any place. But you should know that they are very expensive. Granite is the second most requested tiles as it don’t cost a lot of money also a great look is provided. For people who want strength and don’t care about look or style they can get slate tiles. Luckily there are new tiles that are powerful and have some fashion sense in them.

A great way to decorate your space inside and outside the house is installing stone. But it’s very expensive so there is a great replacement it’s faux stone as it have the stone look but with a smaller cost.

To use faux stone prepare the space firstly, make a scratch coat is needed for any surface ta accept any stone. A lathe which can be wire or fiberglass must be attached to the space. The lathe must be nailed about every 4 inches along the studs behind the used wall. Secondly, a mixture of mortar of the consistency of pancake batter must be spread onto the lathe for about 1/2 inch. Leave it to harden until you can make permanent scratches along the whole surface and leave it to harden. Thirdly, cut the stone and lay it out in front of thesurface just like you will set them on the wall in the shape of rows then attach the stones by back buttering each stone to the wall, a row after the other. After the stones harden use a bristled brush and remove any mortar from the stones. Use a damp sponge to clean the stones and that’s it .

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