A Few Decorative Touches by Brandi Becker to Provide Your Life a Special Pleasure

If you are a fan of aesthetic home touches, the tiny details such as a touch of romantic color or a natural element can inspire you. Brandi Becker and her team share you a few delicate decorative tips to let you renew your pleasure every morning.

Your collection of artworks is a formal way to express your personality and provide your home a restful look. Brandi Becker and her team recommend the collections of different sized identical objects that will create a unique visual harmony in your living or dining room.

A creative and effective trick to create a great effect in a certain room is to place your colorful collections on the way of natural light source such as your window or skylight and enjoy a colorful day.

Bringing the outdoor flair into your interior will enhance your pleasure most of the day. You can bring this feel into your home throughout the painted concrete floor, sources of natural light, and the fresh or faux indoor plants. In a modern loft, Brandi Becker and her team bring the energy of outdoors into the living room using three large windows, vintage leather and ethnic textiles, fresh white flowers.

The simple, yet effective tricks such as installing a faux wall using a floor to ceiling curtain behind an expressive painting suspended on a piece of wire coming from the curtain rail or a hidden walk-in closet suspended behind a wooden bed will provide your home a special sense of humor.

If your home has architectural details, “let the building do the talking” and decorate the place using just a few natural elements and innovative lighting options. The calming lighting and color palette will provide your bedroom a restful look, but you can use unexpected elements in this room freely- as it can express your exact personality.