A Definitive Guide to Avoid Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes by Harrell Remodeling

The main rule in kitchen interior design or remodeling is “there is no perfect design… it is about personal satisfaction.” That is why you should use your sense to determine the functional materials and designs taking into consideration such professional tips inspired from the projects of Iris Harrell.

If you will hire a professional team to remodel your kitchen, make sure they will take your personal concerns and wishes into account, yet you can remodel the place if you have the suitable professional skills. When you install your kitchen appliances, doors, and windows, try to measure their opening spaces accurately to avoid interference. Contrarily, try to leave less space among the three points of kitchen triangle, as it shouldn’t be more than 26 feet in all cases, making sure that the walkway routes among them aren’t blocked.

Your kitchen remodel is a perfect chance to increase the storage spaces using organized drawers, pullout pantry shelves, sliding panels, and lazy Suzan. If you will change the design of your kitchen from a closed or hybrid to an open design, try to choose suitable materials and finishes to create a sense of harmony with the rest of your home.

If your intention is to expand the visual space of your kitchen, don’t eliminate the space of the high-functional parts such as countertops or cabinets. Instead, you can hide your appliances, utensils, pots, and pans into your milk white cabinets and display glossy surfaces to enhance the visual spacious look.

The key point considering your kitchen remodel is to use what will match your lifestyle and consider functional over aesthetic look. For example, if you have children or pets, it is not a wise idea to choose a refrigerator door-front with water and ice dispenser or a kitchen island with an incorporated white sofa, but it will be certainly a perfect choice in any other case. Enjoy your remodeling process with your family members or your lovers and get inspired by the following photos of Iris Harrell remodeling kitchens in San Francisco.