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Design your own kitchen – Light and Style

Your kitchen is the main engine of your family members because it provides them the power they need through the different meals. That’s why you should do your best to keep your kitchen ready for preparing food and eating regularly. You will need to choose a certain style, design, and color to come up with your dream kitchen.

Every part of your kitchen has its own importance. Your countertops are used to prepare food and to keep your regularly used appliances at hand. These countertops may be made of different colors according to the style of your kitchen. They can be made of quartz, marble, laminate, granite, or soapstone. Even the small fixture has its special importance at the kitchen such as your tabs. These tabs can be made of plastic or heavy metal such as iron or steel. The designer tab has additional decorative function as it can add an elegant touch to the place.

You can add different kinds of light as an important touch when you intend to design your own kitchen. The task light is usually used for the work surfaces and the ambient light can add a warm glow and welcoming shadows. The accent and decorative lights can add a nice decorative touch to the place, but the accent light will look better inside your appliances.

However, you should choose a specific style to decorate your kitchen in a unified way. You can opt for the contemporary style where you can find textures, patterns, neutral colored walls, light colored wood, , stainless steel appliances, frosted or clear glass cabinet doors, soft lines, natural drapes, and track or recessed light. You can design your kitchen according to the traditional style which is characterized by its symmetrical styles, deep colors, stained or light colored cabinets with roses above, natural stone counterparts, jewel toned wall colors, and floral patterns and strips.

Designing your kitchen according to the rustic style will add a charming look to the place. This style uses more details and ornate handles. The cabinet should have a raised panel and crown molding with white colored glass. The sink will be made of stainless steel or cobber. The art deco styled kitchen has linoleum bold floor with geometrical patterned curtains and light finished cabinets.

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