Design your luxurious Retreat Bedroom

Do you want to specify a certain room into your home to keep you away from the problems of the outside world? Your bedroom is the right place for this task. Your luxurious retreat bedroom will help you forget all of your tensions and let you be relaxed and enjoyed. This article will give you an idea about the general outlines of this room and let the details to your personal preference and creation.

Your bed is the axis of your luxurious bedroom and the main place of relaxation; so, it can be a perfect focal point for your room. You can use comfortable beddings made of the luxurious Egyptian cotton, fluffy comforters, monogrammed pillows, and white or cream sheets. You will have many other options such as jacquard cotton, silk, or wool beddings with matching curtains and beddings. You can design a customized headboard that will comfort your eyes whenever you look at your bed.

The rest of your luxurious retreat bedroom’s furniture should be decorative and functional. Your nightstand can hold a square glass vase with odorous flowers, an alarm clock, and a framed picture. The rest of your furniture should organize all of your items and serve as decoration to help you relax and enjoy your time.

Lighting your bedroom will give you the privacy you need. Try to choose different sources of light to be able to change the mood whenever you want. You can use recessed and florescent light fixtures in addition to two side lamps beside your bed. Try to find luxurious metal or crystal lamps that will go with the theme of your room. Using the dark and light lamp shades will enable you to shift from the relaxing to the active moods.

The warm and pastel colors will enhance the relaxing mood into your room, but you may love the white luxurious colored room with geometrical patterns at the ceiling and simple lined accessories such as candles, wall hangings, and area rug. Your luxurious curtains should be heavy to block the sun rays letting you sleep longer at the morning.