Designing a Living Room with a Fireplace

The living room is the first room that guests visit. To create a good first impression, you have to create a bewitching ambiance in your living room. Here are some fabulous designs for living rooms:

To make your living room as wonderful in reality as you’ve imagined it in your head, then first of all, you should create a focal point. A fireplace can be the focal point of your living room. Next step is to place a warm rug in the center of your living room and place sofa set and a coffee table right in front of the fireplace and on this rug.

To enjoy your life, then you need a comfortable living room and you can get it by mounting your flat screen television, right above the fireplace and try to get a couple of chairs facing the TV for sure, and also get a sofa set and small table placed a little away from the fireplace, facing the opposite direction. By doing this idea you can watch TV freely while others can relax in the sitting area.

If you are working at home, then you will need a quiet place for working. The fireplace area is the best suited place for you to finish your work. You can transform the fireplace area into your mini home office, by placing your work-table right before it.

Don’t be hasty; if you have a faux fireplace, put a huge flower vase, with fresh colorful flowers in it at all times. This idea will attract the attention of everyone enters your living room. If you want to paint your living room, consider having your living room walls and floors in a neutral hue. For the impression of a living room being larger, paint your ceiling lighter than the walls.

Have a glance at the images beneath to get more ideas about designing a living room with a fireplace.

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