Designing your Bedroom on a Budget

Do you want to design a unique bedroom but have limited budget? Here are few tips that could help you to achieve this task. Bedroom’s new furniture is very expensive; so, you might prefer to search about an alternative way to renew your bedroom on a budget. Flea markets have beautiful pieces of furniture and accessories, but try to visit more than one store to pick up these pieces with the best prices.

Shopping online enables you to compare prices and see people’s comments about the furniture. You could recycle your old bedroom. For example, old pallet could be turned to be a bed and cupboard could be an amazing wardrobe. A tied-fleece blanket could be a new throw in less than an hour. Likely, sewing bed linings together can result in a new duvet cover.

Designing bedroom on budget needs a combination of creativity and experience. Your design has to start from the bed -the central point of the room and the space of mental and physical rest. Artwork could create a fashionable headboard. Bed has to be relaxing and away from clatters but try to decorate it by Pillows and cushions to give your bed a classic look. “Two sets of matching bed pillows and a neck roll are all you need,” says the interior stylist Mr. Jason Grant, but they shouldn’t take more than half of the bed. Curtains also give the place a romantic look. Besides; it is a great means to hide the defects of the wall and windows?

Designing your bedroom using the new technology becomes easy. Just enter the data of the existing area in the bedroom and the home design software will give you an accurate layout and select the color pattern for the room as a whole and for the curtain, door and window accurately. This way, you could design a pretty home on budget.

Pics Via : gohomedesign

Pics Via : cvpr2010