Designing your Bright Basement Bedroom

Do you need to find a separate sanctuary for yourself or a private bedroom for your teenager? Your limited space home may not have enough or suitable space for such tasks; so, it may be the right time to think about your basement. Your basement may be dark, humid, and damp, but few changes could turn it to be bright, comfortable, and cheerful bedroom.

Before using your basement, you will need to check it out for any crack or leak. Start your work by repairing these defects and making sure that the electric wirings, fixtures, and outlets are in good condition. If your basement has enough space, you may think about installing an air conditioner and insulating the room, or a small fire place, especially if the room has no window.

Now, you may think about painting the room to conceal these repairs and give your new bedroom a different mood. If the basement is small, you may consider the bright colors like the shades of brown, orange, and yellow to create a spacious bedroom. However, if you need some private color for thinking and relaxing, you may consider the soft and warm colors such as pastel colors.

Lighting is an important part of designing your new bedroom. For a relaxing mood, you will need soft and romantic lights such as the globe and the onyx lights. The string lights will give you colorful lights for cheering mood. For the high ceiling basement, you may consider the fluorescent light for studying or achieving special tasks.

For the floor, your basement bedroom will need an area rug to warm your feet, or an accent rug scattered around the room on a wooden floor. The tiles may be installed because they are easy to clean. It would be better if you could carpet and light the stairs down to the room. The furniture needs to be comfortable and bright to maximize the room. You could mix various textures such as fluffy and soft cushions with neutral colored couches to add life to your bedroom. Try to use the accessories sparingly and carefully to avoid cluttering your bright basement bedroom.

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