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Designing Kids Bathroom – Colors and Themes

Most people when they plan to design a bathroom for their kids the first thing that come to the mind is using bold and bright colors , choosing a particular theme for the kids that suit their tastes and interests now can become boring for them later on when they grow up and have different interests , so you should carefully make the choice of the theme of your kids bathroom . Choosing a theme that will be interesting for your kids as they grow up and also interesting for them in this age they are on now will save you a lot of money , effort and time that you will spend in the future to renovate their bathroom to suit their new interests .

Colors like blue , red , gray , green catch the interest of boys on the other hand colors like pink , purple , white and yellow interest girls . The most popular themes for kids bathrooms are Nautical , Cartoon characters , Zoo animals and Dinosaurs . Kids usually love animal and you can choose a theme that’s interesting and at the same time educational .

Another wise choice to make is decorate the bathroom with bold favorite color for your little one instead of specifying a theme because as agreed about themes will need to be renewed as your kid grow and get different interests , You can accentuate the bathroom with themed shower curtains , towels and artworks instead , These decorative items can easily be renewed in the future to give the bathroom a new look .

Even though kids like bright colors and would like to be in a colorful place all the time , filling up your kid’s bathroom with too many details and colors will make the bathroom end up looking cluttered and confusing for the eyes . All the decorative items like Shower curtains , Towels and artworks should be matching in harmony one another and not clashing .

The safety for your child is something highly important to consider while decorating your kid’s bathroom . Adding shower mats can protect your child from sliding when they are getting out of the bath tub , At the same time the Shower mats can accentuate the look of your child’s bathroom floor . Toilet covers also distract your child from opening the toilet and discovering in there , Choosing automatically operating faucets for the sink will prevent any chance of your child forgetting the water faucet open .

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