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Designing your Master and Kid’s Bedrooms

Every day of your life ends in your bedroom; so, you will need to pay a great attention to design this room in a comfortable way. The right furniture and color will give this room its feeling of relaxation and comfort, that will let you spend amusing nights.

Designing your bedroom will begin by choosing the right furniture that will fit the free space of your room letting a space for you to walk and open the doors of your furniture items safely. Such furniture will differ according to the number and nature of its occupants. However, the basic bedroom furniture items are your bed, wardrobe, dressing table, side table, and writing table. The materials of your furniture will depend on the style of your room. They can be made of wood, metal or even durable fabrics with a comfortable mattress and matching beddings. The theme and mood of the room should go with your whole house.

Your master bedroom needs to be painted warm color,such as blue, green, and lavender colors, to bring a calm and serene feeling to your mind. Your kid’s bedroom can be painted different colors such as pink, blue, purple, dark yellow, green, red, pastel, orange, or beige colors according to the theme of the room and the favorite hobby of your kid.

You can decorate your master bedroom using simple and relaxing items such as houseplants, personal or family framed photos, or wall hangings. Your playful kid’s room will need more decorative look to satisfy the needs of your kid. The walls may have enjoying patterns of fairies, geometrical shapes, polka dots, birds, or cartoon characters. You will just need to decide a specific theme for your kid’s room according to his or her preferences.

The storage space in your master bedroom will include your clothes and personal belongings, but you will need to add additional space in your kid’s room to store his toys and books. Try to add a playful area rug to increase your kid’s enjoyment and protect him from slipping on the floor.

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