Designing an Open Modern Kitchen on the Dining Room

Do you have enough money to buy new cabinet and countertop, but haven’t enough space in your kitchen? The open kitchen on the dining room may be the best solution. It is also a great way to let people know that your kitchen is amazing. Reading this article may convince you to take this step and change the design of your home.

Most modern kitchens are simple, spacious, efficient, and functional. These kitchens are used to host and entertain friends; so, it should be elegant and functional at the same time.

To give your kitchen a bright and spacious look, try to use the light-colored curtain, floor, cabinet, and appliances. A granite counter top and stainless steel appliances could reflect the light like mirrors. Let the natural light come in and keep accessories a minimum to give an impression of simplicity and elegancy. At the place of the removed wall between your kitchen and dining room, you can install a traditional light while using dimming switch for the formal guests. It would be helpful to place a shelf in the pass-through between the kitchen and dining room.

Your new open kitchen will enable you to talk with your family members while preparing food and you will not have to move from room to another carrying meals and drinks. Besides, you will be able to observe your kids while preparing food. You may install a gas cook top near the center island to cook for a large group. However, you have to take into consideration that your guests will notice any clutter in your open kitchen; so, it has to be clean all the time. Another problem could be the cooking odors, but the good ventilation can solve this problem. You may just open a window or small door that could be closed at the meal time.

To give a united look to the kitchen and dining room, try to use the same color, style of furniture, and architectural elements. It would be better if you can choose windows and tiles work at the same way.

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