Designing a Palm Tree Themed Living Room

Incorporating some real natural elements to the decoration of the living room add freshness and a warm cozy feeling of being surrounded by nature , Palm Tree theme for living rooms enhance that feeling , Palm tree with some beach scenes make you feel that you are surrounded by a beautiful natural spot and this give a comfort and relaxation for the house owner and the guests , If you are worried about the high expenses of hiring a professional to design your living room with a palm tree theme you don’t have to worry anymore because by following the instructions we will give you on this article you will be surprised how easy it is to give your living room a complete transform .

For the walls we suggest you choose earthy colors that give a sandy feel what ever shade you find interesting , olive green , beige or tan colors will be a perfect enhancement to the theme , applying more than one coat of paint is needed in order to make the walls fully covered with paint .

You can try to paint a palm tree on your wall by yourself which will be easy on you if you have some accuracy or you can get a help of a professional but that might be costly or you can use the peel and stick wall decals they are affordable and easy to apply to the wall , In case you choose to draw your own palm tree you need to have the shape of the palm tree drawn on paper where you will stick this paper on the wall and start drawing the palm tree with chalks on the wall after wards check if there are any mistakes to correct it and if everything is alright then start using the acrylic paints try to keep the shades of the colors near as possible to natural shades .

Add a slip cover for your existing furniture set that is colored green or tan , and renew your throw billows with new green or tan covers , adding sandy color rugs to the floor will complete the look . use curtains that are themed with palm trees but if you don’t want to over do it then just opt for curtains with matching colors to compliment the style of your living room .