Designing A Tropical Bathroom – Colors, Accessories and Theme

If you want to have a tropical retreat in your own house i would like to tell you that your dream can possibly come true even if you are restricted by a small budget , you can have a tropical theme for your bathroom just by changing a few elements in the bathroom such as floor covers , light fixtures , shower curtains , towels , cabinets colors and walls colors .

A very important factor that have a huge effect in the general ambiance of the bathroom is the wall colors and floor tiles , use warm earthy colors for the tiles or tend to use shades of blue , orange pink and purple for the tiles to enhance the tropical feel , use wall murals to decorate the walls with a bit of a bold color , or paint a wall theme on the wall but if you are not courageous enough to have much bold colors in your bathroom then just make the walls a warm earthy color and have a bit colorful accessories for your bathroom .

Use wooden or bamboo vacancies to dress your bathroom windows or just have a tropical theme painted curtains they will give you a fantastic look , bear in mind that the window treatment of your bathroom will have a direct effect of the overall end result .

Have some accent lighting for the bathroom such as palm trees lights , or some pendant lights , the correct lighting will enhance the tropical feeling in your bathroom in a great way , try to avoid anything with stark or very clean lines as they tend to reassemble the contemporary style more than the tropical style .

Accessories your bathroom with shower curtains and towels in colors that match up and enhance your tropical designed bathroom , you will easily find accessories with colors and patterns that match up with your tropical theme bathroom on a very affordable price , add a lot of green plants models on the countertops and the corners or the bathroom , get a beautiful crystal bowl and fill it up with sea shells and accessories your bathroom with , have candles in different shapes and heights for lighting and decorating your tropical bathroom.